Dwyane Wade praises Anthony Davis as a teammate of LeBron James

Anthony Davis
LeBron James and Anthony Davis led the Lakers to a game two bounce back win (Mike Ehrmann/AP)

Anthony Davis was torching the Miami Heat in the 3rd quarter of game two tonight, with Twitter losing its minds at Davis nailing mid-range jumper after mid-range jumper over the likes of Jae Crowder. Even Halsey was losing her mind.

Kendrick Perkins (yes, sorry, we have to talk about him) tweeted the following regarding LeBron James during the onslaught that Davis was putting on. Shortly after, the man mentioned directly in the tweet responded, as Dwyane Wade appeared to agree with Perkins.

Davis will surely be asked about this tweet after the game, as he has arguably been the most talented teammate that LeBron has ever had. Dwyane Wade is regarded by many as a much better argument than Kyrie Irving, but even Irving could be argued (I wouldn’t make that argument). Wade and LeBron James won two championships together in the four NBA Finals that they appeared in, as it seems like the Lakers are making strides towards a Davis and LeBron championship against the injured Miami Heat. The Lakers are nearing a 20-point lead with around four minutes left in the third, as Davis has continually punished them time and time again.

The argument displayed by Perkins is probably the best argument that Davis has over Wade, as Davis really does seem like such a natural fit with LeBron James.

Let’s hope for many more years of this!

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