An apology letter to Clippers fans from a Lakers fan

July 24, 2019; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Clippers players Paul George and Kawhi Leonard react before being introduced to media at Green Meadows Recreation Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Clippers fans. I mean this wholeheartedly. I’m sorry.

You don’t deserve all of the negativity being thrown in your face following the Clippers’ Game 7 loss to the Nuggets. It’s not your fault.

I’m sorry that Andrew Bynum was hurt in the 2008 NBA Finals. If he wasn’t, then maybe the Lakers could have beat the Celtics causing Doc Rivers to not be so overrated as a coach. Maybe then the Clippers would have chosen a coach that doesn’t lead teams that constantly collapse in the 4th quarter or blow 3-1 leads. If the Lakers were instead searching for their 18th championship this year as opposed to the 17th, maybe the Clippers would have had better leadership. Speaking of leadership…

I’m sorry about all of the money that Steve Ballmer spent on marketing these frauds to you. And I’m even more sorry that most of the marketing almost always at least indirectly involved the Lakers. Examples of this included the “Streetlights over Spotlights” and the “Driven over Given” billboards, as well as the nationally televised commercial including Paul George saying “Showtime” was on the Clippers side and not the Lakers side before they even played one game. It was misleading to you all, and brought even more attention from Lakers fans who were ready for you to fail at any moment. Speaking of Paul George…

I’m sorry that one of your superstars, Paul George, apparently never had championship aspirations for your team. Pairing him with the league’s reigning Finals MVP after trading five first-round picks and Shai Gilgeous Alexander for him, you would think he would come in ready to take over the league. Hell, I’m sorry he didn’t just choose the Lakers when he had the opportunity to. If that happened, you guys wouldn’t be reading this apology letter.

I’m sorry that your other superstar, Kawhi Leonard, scored 0 points in the fourth quarter of Game 7 one year after having one of the best playoffs of all-time. The bright side is that Kawhi and George have a long Clippers career ahead of them where they can build on this and improve. Oh…actually…I just looked and both players have the opportunity to be free agents in the 2021 offseason. I’m sorry about that. At least they don’t have a history of leaving teams…oh…

I’m sorry that the Clippers media members lied to you all year and constantly downplayed the Lakers (like the below Tweet). If that didn’t happen, maybe you would have anticipated the Lakers winning the final two matchups of the year against the Clippers and you would have seen this all coming. I’m sorry, again, that you were misled.

Some other things I’m sorry about…

I’m sorry you have to root for Patrick Beverley. One of the most unlikable players in the NBA.

I’m sorry Magic Johnson gave you Ivica Zubac for free and he was still wasted.

I’m sorry Lou Williams cares more about getting strip club sponsorships than playing defense.

I’m sorry the Clippers chose the worse Morris twin.

I’m sorry that the Clippers traded away their entire future on Paul George instead of trading away their future on Anthony Davis, a much better decision.

I’m sorry that all of this could be over in about a year if Kawhi and/or George leave.

If that happens, I hope you at least had fun.

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