LeBron explains why “Playoff Rondo” has been valuable for Lakers in playoffs

Playoff Rondo
LeBron explained what makes Playoff Rondo special (Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Lakers have taken a 2-1 lead against the Houston Rockets in the second round of the playoffs and are aiming to take a more commanding 3-1 lead when they take the court again Thursday night. The story of those two wins, thus far, has been the emergence of “Playoff Rondo.”

In those wins, two of just three games that he has appeared in since March, Rajon Rondo has been absolutely phenomenal. Often the black sheep of a great Lakers squad, Rondo has contributed in a major way off the bench both offensively and defensively, effectively reversing everything we thought we knew about him coming into the postseason.

These monstrous performances may have taken fans and media by surprise but if you ask his teammates and coaches, everyone knew Rondo would show up in the playoffs. No one had a better and more detailed explanation of just why Rondo has been enjoying so much success:

The intangibles for Rondo, a respected veteran and one-time champion, were never under question. But the point guard has also been able to produce on the court. You can see those on-the-fly adjustments that LeBron talked about in the film, whether it’s Rondo driving for layups against a Rockets team lacking rim protection or perfectly executing back door alley-oops with Anthony Davis mirroring that duo’s playoffs success with the Pelicans two years ago.

Davis, in particular, is no stranger to this Rondo and delivered the perfect one-liner to sum it all up after Tuesday’s win: “Playoff Rondo is real.”

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