LeBron James on Alex Caruso: “To have him on this ball club is a luxury”

Jan 11, 2020; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) talks with guard Alex Caruso (4) during a timeout in the first half against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Caruso is best known for being a great NBA meme and for making fans of other teams mad for getting more attention than their favorite players. Beyond his meme status and propensity to make other fan bases upset, Caruso is a legitimately good player. His stats are never eye popping, but when he is on the floor, it is noticeable how much he impacts the game.

The Lakers best player notices this as well. After the Lakers blew out the Cavaliers Monday night, LeBron was asked about Caruso. He told reporters that, “Every time he’s in the game, he’s a plus guy. He can do so much. He can defend at a high level. He’s very smart. He’s very tough. To have him on this ball club is a luxury.”

This is a big deal coming from the teams best player. This means that the leader of the team is well aware of just how good he is. Caruso’s impact doesn’t usually show up in the box score, but he’s someone who always boosts the teams ceiling when he’s out there. It’s a great sign that Caruso is being recognized for being as valuable as he is.

Caruso has had to fight his entire career. Going from the G-league to having an important role on a championship team is a huge leap, but Caruso is taking advantage of his opportunities. While he may be nothing more than a meme to the rest of the NBA, he is well recognized in Los Angeles as a vital piece to a championship hopeful team.


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