‘The Late Lake Show’ Episode Two: Lakers keep winning as LeBron James leads the league in assists

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The Lakers went 3-0 in this past week of games leading into our second episode of ‘The Late Lake Show’. The three games extended the Lakers’ current winning streak to five, putting them at 5-1 on the year.

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Lakers 120 Grizzlies 91 – Game Recap

The Lakers kicked off the new week with a thumping of the Memphis Grizzlies, as Anthony Davis had his best game as a Laker yet.

The big man ended up with 40 points and 20 rebounds, making 26 out of his 27 free throw attempts on the night. You may think those 27 free throw attempts are crazy, but all of those stats overall are even crazier when you take into consideration that Davis didn’t play in the 4th quarter at all.

Lakers 119 Mavericks 110 (OT) – Game Recap

This one almost gave me a heart attack, as the Lakers won a thriller in the first game of their first road trip, beating the Dallas Mavericks in OT, 119-110.

The Lakers were down 103-100 with around 6 seconds left, when Danny Green sunk a three (assisted by LeBron James) to send the game to overtime as time expired. There, LeBron said “enough is enough”, icing the game with a huge step back three over Luka Doncic.

Lakers 103 Spurs 96 – Game Recap

Although not as exciting as the Mavericks game, Sunday’s game against the San Antonio Spurs wasn’t boring, as the Lakers prevailed 103-96.

The 4th quarter was obviously led by Dwight How–wait, Dwight Howard?

Yes, the big man off the bench scored 10 points and also had six rebounds and two blocks in the final frame, as he gave the team a huge spark in the end to help them secure the victory.

Trend of the Week – LeBron James leading the league in assists per game

For this week, I took a look at LeBron James’ passing game so far this season, as the 34-year-old currently leads the league in assists per game at 11.2.

LeBron has actually dished out an assist to all 11 Lakers that he’s shared the court with this season, with most of his assists ending up in the hands of Anthony Davis (26.8% of all assists) and Danny Green (19.4% of all assists).

Recently, Avery Bradley almost passed up Green to take second place, as he was on the receiving end of four of LeBron’s 13 assists during Sunday’s game against the Spurs. Following the game, Bradley accounted for 17.9% of LeBron’s assists on the year.

Rob Pelinka Quotes: Real or Fake?

Play along with a non-Lakers fan, as he tries to guess which Rob Pelinka quotes are actual (insane) things that he said, and which ones were made up by us.

Episode Three of #TLLS will come out on Tuesday, November 12th and will include analysis of games against the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, and the Toronto Raptors.

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All stats from NBA.com or Basketball-Reference

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