Anthony Davis emphasizes how much Rob Pelinka involved him in roster decisions: “I [have] never been involved so much”

Anthony Davis and Rob Pelinka
Jul 13, 2019; El Segundo, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka (left) and forward/center Anthony Davis enter the gym for a press conference at the UCLA Health Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There have been many situations in the recent history of the Los Angeles Lakers where their GMs sought the resident superstars’ opinions on various roster decisions. This makes sense, as those said superstars may bring perspective to the GM’s decisions that the GM might not be able to bring himself. Also, it makes sense to keep your resident superstar happy, and what better way to do that than letting him voice his opinion on certain roster decisions. This happened many times with Kobe Bryant, and has already happened with LeBron James in his short time with the Lakers. Anthony Davis has only played one preseason game with the Lakers, but he has already been consulted on roster decisions by Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. In fact, from previous reports and a piece from Dave McMenamin/ESPN published on Tuesday, Davis seems to be HEAVILY involved with Pelinka’s decisions. Here’s what Davis said in the piece:

“We were doing constant calls about, ‘What do you think of this or this player?’ Rob was almost like a stalking girlfriend. He was an agent, so he’s played both sides. He knows that in order for stuff to work, the players have to be involved. And he tried to make sure that LeBron and I were involved as much as possible. During free agency, every decision I got a text or a call, even just two minutes, ‘Look, this is going on. … How do you feel? OK, cool.’
“Every single decision. I [have] never been involved so much. No matter who the player was, he wanted to make sure. It was on everything. And it was like, ‘Wow.’ To the point where I was like, ‘All right, Rob, stop calling me.'”

If there’s one thing that I think we can pull from that quote is that as a girlfriend, Pelinka seemingly has his faults. He seems to smother his partner, making it hard for that partner to even breathe (metaphorically of course).

I’m kidding, but it is still funny to hear Davis be so involved with Pelinka’s decision making process that it almost becomes annoying. I’m sure Davis had more interest in guys such as say, Kawhi Leonard, compared to guys like former Phoenix Suns guard, Troy Daniels.

Either way, it’s encouraging to see that Pelinka takes his (possible) future superstar’s opinion seriously. Davis will be a free agent this upcoming summer, with the Lakers wanting to do everything in their power to convince him to sign a long-term max deal with the organization. Doing so would allow the team to have another superstar on the roster once LeBron James leaves, and would also allow the King for a couple more chances to grab some more rings.

Involving Davis in the roster construction is a good step in that direction.

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