Sanders, O’Rourke choose LeBron James as the GOAT

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The election is nearly a year away and the most important question is being answered. Two Democratic hopefuls have joined in on the LeBron James vs Michael Jordan debate. Both Beto O’Rourke and Bernie Sanders have chosen the Lakers forward when given the choice.

First up, we have Senator Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator stated in an appearance on the “Kyle Kulinski Show” that James is his pick for GOAT.

Sanders states that he is a fan of James and what he stands for. The Akron native has voiced his opinion on the current president and has made a habit of being socially active. James has opened a school, continues to inspire other athletes to speak up and use their voice. This is in stark contrast from Jordan, during his playing years.

In an interview with Bill Simmons, Beto O’Rourke made the same decision.

The Texas native was asked who he thought was the greatest of all time. O’Rourke asks what else LeBron James has to do to prove that the title is his. This is a valid point. James has done a lot to merit the title in a debate. He singlehandedly kept the Cleveland Cavaliers relevant for most of the 2000s. His performance against the Detroit Pistons is somehow forgotten. He scored 25 straight on his own!  At the time, his Miami Heat team was one of the best teams the league has ever seen.

Can his status change if he’s able to bring title number seventeen to the purple and gold? There have been more and more doubters speaking about James’s decline for years.

With a full offseason to rest and a revamped roster,  James could come back better than ever.

Now, the only thing left is to hear who Andrew Yang picks.

It’s probably Tim Duncan, isn’t it?

Actually, what about Marianne Williamson?

My guess is Baron Davis. The former Golden State Warrior is dating her former roommate, Laura Dern.

This simulation is weird.

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