Jeanie Buss, Michael Jordan, and other NBA owners launch new tequila brand

Jeanie Buss, Michael Jordan

Los Angeles Lakers fans and Chicago Bulls fans have had somewhat of an off-court rivalry over the years. Yes, I said off-court, as these verbal disagreements between the two fan bases stemmed from the comparison of Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan. We are now in a new generation of a similar argument, this time between new Laker LeBron James and Michael Jordan. But hey, the Lakers and Bulls themselves can get along off the court, evidenced by the most recent business venture done by Jordan himself.

The business venture was launching his own tequila brand, called Cincoro Tequila. Darren Rovell/ESPN reported the news, adding that Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss was also one of the people launching the brand. Buss wasn’t the only NBA owner investing though.

That’s right. Not only have we discussed the (somewhat) friendly rivalry between the Lakers and Bulls, now we have to discuss the not-so-friendly rivalry between the Lakers and Celtics. Believe it or not, bitter sports rivals can put away their differences when there are dollar signs involved.

The move was interesting just because of the big names involved, but check out those prices! You’re reading that right, $1600 for a bottle of tequila. To be honest, NBA owners and players are probably the only ones who would even think about buying that bottle. I’ll settle for the $70 Blanco (which I still probably can’t really afford).

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