Anthony Davis is scared of the dark but would welcome The Purge

Anthony Davis
Apr 9, 2019; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis (in street clothes) looks on from the bench in the final seconds of the fourth quarter against the Golden State Warriors at the Smoothie King Center. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It’s July 29th so you’re all getting July 29th content.

Anthony Davis may be one of the most intimidating forces in basketball. He is a large human with long arms and the instincts to swat your failed floaters and lackluster layups into the third row.

But that doesn’t mean the new Los Angeles Lakers’ big man doesn’t have a soft spot in his daily life. In fact, he admitted to ESPN’s Sarah Spain on the “That’s What She Said” podcast that he is actually afraid of the dark. Here’s AD’s response when Spain asked him what he wishes he could improve about himself the most (Spain in bold):

“Me being scared of the dark.”


“Night lights everywhere?”


“TV on, bathroom light on. Something has to be on.”


“What if you fell in love with someone who needed it to be completely dark to fall asleep?”


“Then we ain’t gonna make it.”


“What do you think is out there in the dark?”


“I’ve watched too many crazy movies when I was a kid. They just messed me up for life.”

Davis isn’t kidding about the crazy movies, either. He expanded on that later when asked about his fears:

“What’s the most scared you’ve ever been?”


“Actually this is pretty recent. When they made the remake of It, right. That one and actually the remake of Halloween. Those two got to me. I was scared to go to sleep. I didn’t go to sleep for nights. Stayed up till the next morning.”


“So if any of your Lakers teammates are listening, they know the thing to put in your room is a clown.”


“Well, I’m not scared of clowns. It’s just Pennywise. He’s different. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He kidnaps kids and stuff.”

But just because AD is scared of Pennywise and the dark, doesn’t mean he’s not a gritty and tough individual. In fact, he wants the rest of the world to join him in showing their toughness for one day:

“If you were the commissioner of life for the day, what one rule would everybody have to adhere to?”


“There’s only one rule: there are no rules. For one day? No rules. See what happens.”


“It’s like the Purge.”


“Exactly. That’s exactly what I was thinking about.”


“You want that?”


“But like-”


“Not as much murder?”


“Exactly. No murder.”

You heard it here from Anthony Davis, first. No murder.

Vote Brow 2020. He’ll let The Purge happen but with less murder.

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