Podcast: Discussing the Lakers’ roster after Kawhi Leonard’s decision to sign with the Clippers

After a chaotic free agency period, the National Basketball Association has finally reached a calm point of the offseason. Rosters have been built, trades have been made, players have signed and now we basically just wait until training camp and preseason rolls around in September to start up another season.

The Los Angeles Lakers had grand ambitions of pairing Kawhi Leonard with fellow superstars Anthony Davis and LeBron James, but he ended up spurning the Lakers and Toronto Raptors for the Clippers after they swung a deal to add Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Lakers had a backup plan ready to go, highlighted by the signings of Danny Green and DeMarcus Cousins, among others.

Did the wait for Leonard’s decision hurt the Lakers or did it actually help? How far can the Lakers go with this roster? Which signing was best and which was worst? Gary Kester and Honi Ahmadian break down a crazy free agency period for the purple and gold.

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