Anthony Davis is “very excited” to play with Kyle Kuzma

The Los Angeles Lakers finally introduced their next superstar in Anthony Davis. His pairing with fellow star LeBron James got most of the attention in his opening presser. Another guy who got attention though was third year man Kyle Kuzma. Kuzma is the only guy left from “the young core” and is expected to contribute a lot next year.

In his opening press conference, Davis said this about the Lakers young forward:

Kuz is an unbelievable player. A young player whos steadily growing and always working on his craft. Anytime that I played against him it was always great battles. He can shoot it, he can stretch the floor, he can put it down, he can finish, he’s got some post moves. I’m very excited about playing alongside him.

If Anthony Davis is singing your praises, you must be doing something right. Kuzma has built a reputation as a hard worker, and its good to hear Davis echo that sentiment here.

Kuzma had increased his points and assists per game from his rookie year. The shooting is where he really struggled though, as his three-point percentage dropped from 36.6 to 30.3 percent. With all the attention that James and Davis will garner, it will be important for Kuzma to make the open looks he gets.

What position he plays will be the most interesting. Davis at his presser admitted to preferring playing at the power forward spot which would either put Kuzma on the bench or the small forward. Davis said he would play the center if needed, which is good to hear considering that would be the best way to optimize those two on the floor. Having Davis and Kuzma in five out lineups could be a deadly pairing on offense.

For the Lakers to hit their ceiling, Kuzma will have to improve from his first two years. Besides the rookies, Kuzma and Davis are two of the youngest guys on the roster and will be building blocks in the future. It’s good to hear the new superstar excited to play with hopefully a running mate for years to come.




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