Jared Dudley says “I couldn’t pass up” the chance of playing with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kawhi Leonard

As the wait for Kawhi Leonards decision continues, the Lakers have started to give out veteran minimum deals. The latest signing is free-agent forward Jared Dudley, who played for the Brooklyn Nets last year. The Lakers will be hoping to attract ring chasers, and he is the first to hop on board.

Jared Dudley went on ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski “Woj Pod” and gave some reasons on why he chose to sign with the Lakers:

“But for me, I’m still picking LeBron. Everyone knows it goes through him when he has the right pieces. Adding Anthony Davis, and we’ll see what happens with Kawhi, but if the deal happens, it was something that later in my career I couldn’t pass up.”

If the Lakers are successful in creating this dynastic trio, they will depend on guys like Dudley to decide to play here for the minimum. LeBron James went to eight straight finals before last season with the Lakers, and his two potential teammates could both be in the conversation for a top-five player in the league. It is not difficult to see why Dudley would see this as a great opportunity to grab a ring. He is also a respected veteran around the league that fills both positions of need in shooting and defense. The Lakers could have a lot of young guys to fill out the roster, where he would be the perfect mentor for as well.

The Lakers should obviously wait for Leonards decision no matter how long it takes, but sooner or later they will need to start filling out their roster. Free agents are dropping like flies off the market, so signing Dudley and sharpshooter Troy Daniels earlier in the week is at least a good start.



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  1. Kawhi is going to look great in Purple and Gold. Caruso will start at the Point and be a defensive stopper, Rondo as backup. Shooting guard? Horton-Tucker may get the start if his defense is first rate. If not, then they will have to sign someone, preferably someone who can be a shutdown defender. I sure hope Pope is not resigned (shoots too much to pair with the big three). Would love to see them re-sign either of their FA centers. I think you will see the Laker’s identity morph into a great defensive team that can get out and run off turnovers. Sort of the NBA version of the 1985 Chicago Bears. Many good options in the half-court as well. If their new dudes can coach, they should be pushing 70 wins.

  2. Kwahi Leonard signing with the Lakers isn’t something that I want to see. The Raptors and Clippers are my choices for him. I’m so tired of hearing about the Lakers and the Knickerbockers. That’s all the media talks about. Yuck.

    1. Both Los Angeles& New York are the 2 biggest Markets
      If Lakers are Ballin That’s Great for the rest of thee League

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