2019 NBA Free Agency Role Players: Wings

NBA Free Agency
2019 NBA Free Agency role players: Wings (Credit: Dillon Hiser/Lakers Outsiders)

The Lakers before free agency have just four players on their roster. Two superstars, a good young role player, and a promising rookie. However, titles aren’t won because of four players. It’s an entire team full of complementary players that win championships.

Here are a few options available in the 2019 NBA free agency that the team can potentially sign to fill out the depth at the wing position.

J.J. Redick

If you can pair one of the best pure shooters in NBA history with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, you do that. This is the appeal when it comes to J.J. Redick. The 35-year old is coming off of arguably his best season last year as he put up a career-high in scoring and minutes per game with 18.1 points in 31.3 minutes a contest.

The list of role players that are currently better than Redick is incredibly slim, he’s proven year after year that his deadly shooting from outside and willingness to compete defensively makes him a highly valuable player despite athletic limitations. Last season, Redick shot 39.7 percent from beyond the arc while ranking in the 68th percentile on spot ups and 80th percentile off screens (both were down from 91st percentile on spot ups and 82nd percentile off screens in 17-18).

The attention that someone like Redick demands from defenses would open up driving lanes for the rest of his teammates as well. When it comes to the modern NBA, Redick has the perfect skill set for a role player, and while his price tag may be rather hefty, the Lakers would be a much better team if he is added.

written by Dillon Hiser

Reggie Bullock

Reggie Bullock was brought in during the second half of the season to make a push for the playoffs. Bullock was a sharpshooter during his time with Detroit, shooting 38% from beyond the arc. His stats did take a turn for the worse, averaging 34% from deep with the Lakers.

His playing time was mired due to foot and ankle injuries. Bullock was only able to play 19 games after being acquired in February.

Even with the Lakers in the running for a max free agent, Bullock would be able to make around 4.6 million dollars a year. The Lakers would need shooting on a roster with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Bullock would be able to provide that, as he averaged 44.5% from beyond the arc during the 17-18 season and 38% during the 16-17 season.

For those wondering, that 38% would be the best percentage beyond the arc for the Lakers when compared to the rest of the team.

Bullock will have plenty of NBA free agency suitors and has already garnered attention from the New York Knicks.

written by Kendrew Abueg

Danny Green
Mar 14, 2019; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors guard Danny Green (14) drives to the basket against the Los Angeles Lakers at Scotiabank Arena. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Green

If the Lakers are going to be back next season, they might as well bring every ounce of fun too. The Danny Green and LeBron James friendship is just that and goes back to the early days with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Dances and handshakes aside, Green fits in as a strong perimeter shooter and defender.
Last season, he played a large role in helping the Raptors win their first title in franchise history. Green shot 45.5 percent from three during the regular season. He slid into his role seamlessly after the Spurs attached him as a throw-in alongside Kawhi Leonard. Green is looking to cash in and if Leonard does not return to the Raptors, the Lakers can make him an offer to capture his third championship ring.
written by Chris Walton

Wes Matthews

Wes Matthews is like a poor man’s Danny Green. He’s a reliable shooter from deep, has some versatility on the defensive end, and has played in big games throughout his career.

After being traded from Dallas to New York, then bought out by New York, then signed by Indiana, Matthews was scorching hot on spot-up attempts. He was literally the best shooter on those types of possessions in the NBA, averaging 1.358 points per possession. That’s insanely good and having such an ability would make him a perfect fit next to someone like LeBron James who has a knack for finding shooters on the outside and Anthony Davis who is a willing passer out of the post and pick and roll.

While he was terrific for the Pacers in his 23 regular season games with the team, the playoffs were an entirely unrelated performance. The team was swept, he didn’t play well, but that could potentially benefit the Lakers. Given his showing in those four games, he may be looking for a change of scenery or the Pacers might not prioritize retaining him as they seek out playmakers in NBA free agency which would allow the Lakers to swoop in with an offer.

written by Dillon Hiser

Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris will always be on my all-time list of guys I want to walk down a dark alley with me. Aside from that, he’s the ideal combo forward that can compliment both LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Morris fits the bill of a defender and shooter.
How well of a shooter is he? Last season Morris shot 37.5 percent from long range, marking the second-highest mark of his career. Had he been a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, he’d been the team’s best from three. If the Lakers lose out on a big name, look for Morris to continue the Klutch Sports-Lakers connection.
written by Chris Walton


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