2019 NBA Free Agent Profile: Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving (Credit: Dillon Hiser/Lakers Outsiders)

Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics had one dramatic relationship. The more time went on, Kyrie’s contempt for the organization became more and more evident. In the end, it seems like the likely split could benefit both sides.

So, let’s recap, shall we?

Kyrie Irving stated his intentions to stay in Boston during a season ticket holder event in October. He and LeBron James seemed to patch up their differences in January, prompting LeBron to post this:

There were reports that same week that stated that Kyrie would be interested in pairing up with the King again. Fast-forward to the end of the season and all signs have pointed to Kyrie going to his hometown Nets. Firing his agent and joining ROC Nation all but confirms him as Brooklyn’s new star.

Despite this, there are some reports that state Kyrie’s willingness to team up with LeBron and the newest Laker, Anthony Davis. The Celtics previously continued to pursue Davis in the hopes that it could convince Irving to re-sign.

Whether it’s for the Nets or the Lakers, Kyrie Irving is still one of the top three prized free agents of 2019.

The prospect of Kyrie Irving forming a new big three is too good of an opportunity to pass up. The chemistry with LeBron James is already there, the duo having the two most iconic plays in the game that saw the Cavaliers win their first ever title.

Kyrie has had his fair share of talented big men as teammates during his career but none as good as Anthony Davis.

After the trade for Anthony Davis, the Lakers’ backcourt was left undeniably thin. Kyrie Irving fills a need immediately, slotting in as the starting point guard. He would also give the Lakers a shooter they have not had in years. Last season, he shot 40.1% from the 3-point line on 6.5 attempts per game, a higher rate (by more than three percentage points) than any player on the Lakers last year.

To go along with the scoring (23.8 points per game last season), Irving would also provide the Lakers with another creator. Kyrie is known for creating his own shot both in isolation and out of the pick-and-roll by virtue of his stellar ball-handling, arguably the best in the league. But he can also create for teammates, having averaged 6.9 (nice) assists per game last year, a number that could easily go up with LeBron and AD as his running mates.

Irving’s creativity and shooting would no doubt help make the Lakers contenders.

There are risks with Kyrie of course. The most he’s played in an NBA season is 75 games and has a checkered injury history. A high usage guard with knee issues is a concern. The way the Lakers have dealt with injuries is another concern. And of course, Irving’s time with both the Cavaliers and Celtics has not ended amicably and there are valid criticisms of his leadership abilities.

But the Lakers have an older team ready to compete for a title. And as for the injuries, Kyrie is only 26 years old. At that age and ability, if the Lakers can conjure up the necessary cap space after a commitment from Irving to sign in LA, they would be more than pleased to have him finish up the creation of the new big three.

Sure Kyrie’s comments sound like a college kid who has just smoked weed for the first time.

But if Kyrie Irving is available, having him on the Lakers would give them the most talented trio in the league and the ultimate path to the 17th championship.

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