JaVale McGee on locker room: “We’re low key boring”

Nov 10, 2018; Sacramento, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center JaVale McGee (7) smiles on the bench during the fourth quarter against the Sacramento Kings at Golden 1 Center. Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

JaVale McGee appeared on Kristine Leahy’s show Fair Game on FS1 and talked about his time with the Warriors and comments that LeBron James had about him. Leahy also asked him about the environment of the Lakers locker room and what the team is like when the cameras are turned off. His response might surprise you.

“It might one of the chilliest locker rooms that I’ve ever been in, like we’re lowkey boring to tell the truth. [No way!] I promise. Nothing ever happens, like we never get in any arguments, we never fight, we never cry about anything.”

With the number of varied personalities in the locker room, it’s interesting to hear that they haven’t clashed yet, especially with the rough 4-6 start to the season. This is a great thing to hear as a fan, to know that the team is gelling well so far. With a nice mixture of a number of solid veteran players and young guys, it’s nice to know that everyone is getting along.

LeBron James talked about JaVale McGee as a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, but he took those comments one step further by saying “he shouldn’t be in the conversation, he is the conversation.” McGee talked about what those comments mean to him and how they inspire him to play harder.

“It feels great coming from one of the greatest players ever, and him being my teammate. Now, I was also thinking in my life, especially in the last three years, I’ve got to play with some of the greatest players ever. And when I’m all old and gray, I can tell my old stories like ‘Yeah I played with KD, Steph and now LeBron.’ It’s definitely a blessing just hearing that and all it really does is instill confidence and make me go harder every day. So even if it’s not true, if it’s one of those ‘let me boost his confidence things’ then it’s working. But I believe he believes it also and I also believe it, so I’m definitely here for it.”

People always talk about how it’s hard to be LeBron’s teammate but comments like this tear that narrative apart. McGee is playing harder because LeBron James believes in him, and that’s not something that every superstar can do.

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