Jae Crowder: LeBron James said he would play center

Amidst the buzz of NBA media day, there was a tidbit coming from a former teammate of the Lakers’ marquee free agent signing. According to Jae Crowder (aka BOSSMAN99), LeBron James will be spending some time at the 5 spot this season, after joking about it over the offseason.


Without Julius Randle and Brook Lopez returning and an off-season where there were questions about what the Lakers would do with their front court, it seems this gives more of an insight on how the team can play that sort of position-less basketball. There are now going to be McGee, Zubac, and Lebron as options at center, but this speaks to the versatility of the roster. Luke briefly spoke about lineups even speaking about Beasley at the position as well.

The frequently discussed “death lineup” (this is LA so let’s go with Death Row lineups (this is a music reference)) is starting to look like a possibility now. A lineup of Zo, Hart, Ingram, Kuz, and LeBron is going to be exciting to watch. Luke’s going to have a lot of fun being able to mix and match how the team’s going to look as the season goes on.



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