Kobe Bryant says Kyle Kuzma will have “good year” after offseason workouts

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

While everyone awaits seeing the new look Los Angeles Lakers on the basketball court, the players themselves are busy working on their conditioning and their skills.

Among those fans are most excited to see is Kyle Kuzma. The power forward had a surprisingly stellar rookie season, making the All-Rookie first team but the Utah product is not done. According to Kobe Bryant, who appeared on the Rich Eisen Show, the sophomore has worked out with the Lakers legend and is poised to have a big year:

“He looks great, man. He’s got good rhythm. He has the ability to disassociate movements which gives him a fluidity when he plays. He can shoot the ball. He’s worked on his mid-range game a lot. Post-up game looks strong. Looking forward to him having a good year.”

Bryant’s praises of Kuzma seem to fall in line with his own game and that’s not very surprising. Despite playing a different position and in a different era, it’s easy to see the parallels between the 22-year-old and the five-time champion.

This is not the first time Kuzma has met with the Mamba. So while there are questions about his long-term potential, it’s clear that he is taking every measure to reach it.

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