Rumor: New 2018-19 Los Angeles Lakers jersey leaks

While the arrival of LeBron James is the biggest change to the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2018-19 season, a new jersey design could be the second-biggest change.

After new Nike jerseys last year, the Lakers, like the Denver Nuggets and Memphis Grizzlies, will see their jerseys go through a small-scale redesign.

The new redesign has been kept remarkably quiet from the Lakers side with nothing leaking on the new jerseys. However, the signing of LeBron James to the Lakers got many people to jump the gun.

Those, obviously, were quickly taken down from Fanatics. But given the designs shown in the items on Fanatics and various other potential links, jersey guru Conrad Burry pieced together his mock based on everything we’ve seen.

If the jerseys resemble something like that mock-up, then hoo boy I am all in. After a very bland, uninspiring release of the new Nike jerseys last year, seeing a fairly dramatic change with these jerseys is very welcome.

The purple lettering on the yellow jerseys and vice versa is much different than the very basic lettering we saw from last season.

The white jersey, meanwhile, is one of the biggest changes to previous jerseys. While the yellow and purple jerseys saw minor changes, the white jerseys never changed much. Purple lettering with a yellow outline makes it look incredible.

Pair these with the likely MPLS throwback jerseys (edit: the Lakers will not be wearing the MPLS throwbacks nor the black Mamba unis this season) and there’s no way that the Lakers LeBron James jersey won’t be one of the highest-selling jerseys of all-time.


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  1. This is silly. Lets take a classic uniform that was good enough for Magic and Kobe and re-make one of the greatest uniforms of all time because Lebron has arrived. Puke.

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