2018 NBA Mock Draft: Avengers Infinity War

thanos suns

Odds are you’ve seen many mock drafts. With the NBA Draft Combine less than a week away and the draft coming in five weeks and just four teams remaining in the playoffs, many fans have begun perusing the college basketball landscape in search of the best prospects for their team.

If you’ve come here looking to see whether the Suns will take DeAndre Ayton or Luka Doncic, this is not the mock draft for you.

If you’ve come here wondering if the Lakers will take an athletic big man or another guard to help the backcourt, this is not the mock draft for you.

If you’ve come here looking to discuss which Avenger would be the best NBA player, we welcome you with open arms.

We present the most ambitious crossover mock draft in history.

1. Phoenix Suns – Thanos

On top of all of his physical attributes as well as the obvious powers of the Gauntlet, the Suns finally have a player with hand jewelry.

2. Memphis Grizzlies – Iron Man

The Grizzlies add a player who has made tons of money, lives a lavish lifestyle, is likely past his prime and needs a suit of armor to protect him from everything around him. But enough about Chandler Parsons.

3. Dallas Mavericks – Thor

The Mavericks have long been searching for a big man in the middle who can throw bodies around. Thor already has an NBA-ready move with his Stormbreaker, too.

4. Atlanta Hawks – Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange’s perimeter is stifling as any player who gets past him will likely run into a portal that will take them back out to the perimeter.

5. Orlando Magic – Captain America

I have some concerns about drafting a 98-year-old prospect, but he’s shown no signs of slowing down.

6. Chicago Bulls – Spider-Man

Spider-Man fits the timeline of the Bulls’ rebuild, though they may run into eligibility issues with Peter Parker’s age.

7. Sacramento Kings – Scarlet Witch

Not even drafting an actual witch would convince me that the Kings made a good choice.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Nets) – Hulk

With the possibility of LeBron James leaving this off-season, the Cavaliers replace NBA Hulk with Actual Hulk.

9. New York Knicks – Groot

Definitely a pick for the future, but Groot’s wingspan is tantalizing to NBA general managers.

10. Philadelphia 76ers (via Lakers) – Vision

Vision’s injury issues at the end of Infinity War make him a perfect candidate to be the latest Sixers rookie forced to sit out his first season.

11. Charlotte Hornets – Rocket Raccoon

There are questions about his background (raccoon/rabbit) and he lacks the size to play multiple positions. He’s an innovator who has a knack for coming up with big steals.

12. Los Angeles Clippers (via Pistons) – Ant-Man
13. Los Angeles Clippers – Wasp

The Clippers look to save money on their banner portraits by drafting both Ant-Man and Wasp.

14. Denver Nuggets – Star-Lord

Can become too emotional during big games, but really an old-school type of player.

15. Washington Wizards – War Machine

Has some injury concerns in his past but a deeply loyal teammate

16. Phoenix Suns (via Heat) – Black Panther

A leader of men, cat-like reflexes, don’t have to worry about his loyalty. Should make a killer 1-2 punch with Thanos. Literally.

17. Milwaukee Bucks – Hawkeye

Bucks could use shooting and floor-spacing around Giannis Antetokounmpo. Does he show up in big moments?

18. San Antonio Spurs – Black Widow

In the least shocking move of the draft, the Spurs go with an international player.

19. Atlanta Hawks (via Timberwolves) – Nick Fury

Concerns about his age and court vision, but is a bonafide leader and has no problem handling superstar egos.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Thunder) – Drax

Drax is a physical specimen that is a perfect Tom Thibodeau player that should be ready for the 44 minutes per night workload.

21. Utah Jazz – Okoye

Bar is set high for Okoye coming in after the last rookie healed the heart of a city.

22. Chicago Bulls (via Pelicans) – Shuri

Great mind, high (basketball) IQ, fun locker room presence.

23. Indiana Pacers – Falcon

Stock took a drop after reports of a bad showing in a pre-draft workout with Ant-Man

24. Portland Trailblazers – Wong

The perfect draft-and-stash player who isn’t ready for the big time yet.

25. Los Angeles Lakers (via Cavaliers) – Loki

Should the Lakers miss out on two max free agents this summer, Loki can step in and transform into LeBron James to alleviate pressure from the front office

26. Philadelphia 76ers – Mantis

The Sixers can use Mantis to wake up Ben Simmons for next postseason.

27. Boston Celtics – Bucky

Not sure what it is about Bucky, but he just looks like a Celtics pick.

28. Golden State Warriors – M’Baku

Some concerns about isolating himself from teammates, but will step up to the plate when needed.

29. Brooklyn Nets (via Raptors) – Heimdall

Nets could finally sport one of the better front offices with Heimdall able to see and hear all things across the league.

30. Atlanta Hawks (via Rockets) – Gamora

Crazy how far she fell in the draft if we’re being honest.

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