Kobe Bryant, Glen Keane win Academy Award for “Dear Basketball”

MVP. Finals MVP. NBA Champion.

And Academy Award winner.

On Sunday, Kobe Bryant and Glen Keane won an Oscar for Best Animated Short for “Dear Basketball,” a film based on Bryant’s poem about his retirement from the NBA.

Since putting basketball behind him, Kobe has worked on multiple film and entertainment project for ESPN as well as Dear Basketball. His new chapter since basketball is already becoming as successful as his legendary hoops career.

Bryant, who worked with Keane and legendary composer John Williams on this film, thanked his family in his acceptance speech. He also alluded to the “Shut up and dribble” quote given by Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham who criticized LeBron James for his vocal political beliefs.


Bryant has become more vocal himself in speaking about politics and social justice in the latter parts of his NBA career and in his retirement. As a filmmaker, he has proven that basketball players can continue to have immense roles outside of the sport.

There’s no word on what projects Bryant will tackle next. He is in the process of a new show for ESPN based on helping other players with their game.

It’s becoming apparent that Bryant’s legendary work ethic will lead to success in nearly any field he wishes to work on.

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