LaVar Ball says Lonzo won’t re-sign with Lakers unless they take all the Ball brothers

It’s been a while since we heard LaVar Ball say anything nonsensical.

/takes a look at “XX days since the last time LaVar Ball said something nonsensical” counter


/resets count to zero

Well, here ya go.

The first thing that should be pointed out here is that most of what LaVar says here is, you know, impossible. LiAngelo Ball will have to first enter the draft and, if he doesn’t get drafted, then he’ll have the freedom to do as his dad says. Same goes for LaMelo Ball when that time comes.

But hey, other than that, the master plan is off and running!

LaVar’s plan obviously isn’t worth taking seriously at all, but the one hypothetical he brings up that is worth discussing is Lonzo’s part in all this.

To this point, Lonzo has shied away from anything that might come off as contradictory to his dad, even when the target was his coach, Luke Walton. So, with that as some context, it’s somewhat fair to wonder whether he would draw the line at acting on his dad’s insane talking points.

All of this is moot until the time comes for Lonzo to make this decision or it’s brought up as a hypothetical to him and he has the opportunity to distance himself from LaVar’s craziness.


Author: Anthony F. Irwin

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