Paul George says he couldn’t hear Lakers fans chanting his name (and no one believes him)

From start to finish, Thursday could not have gone much better for the Los Angeles Lakers. As tough as it was to say goodbye to two young men who’ve found their way through a ton of hard work for the organization, they netted crucial cap space and somehow grabbed a first rounder from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Then there was a game to be played.

Against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

You know, where Paul George plays.

The Lakers manhandled them Thunder, who were without Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony. Though Laker fans would quickly retort that they were missing Lonzo Ball, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance, Jr.

Once the game was safely in hand midway through the fourth quarter, a collision occurred that briefly scared George enough to grab at his knee. He would wind up fine, walk over to the sideline to inbounds the ball, where he was met with chants from Laker fans who know what’s up.


After the game, George was asked about those chants and tried to act as if he didn’t hear them, but he knows what’s up, too.

We see you, George. We see you.

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Author: Anthony F. Irwin

The old guy.

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