Lakers News: Isaiah Thomas expects to start

Isaiah Thomas has not been good this season. He’s a 5’6″ point guard nearing 30 and apparently, has the awareness of a blind rhinoceros. On the trade deadline episode of ESPN’s “The Jump,” his agent fired off a text as he heard Ramona Shelburne talk about the role his client might be playing.

He didn’t sound happy. Here’s the clip.

The Lakers have been playing much better basketball of late with Josh Hart in the starting lineup. Maybe Thomas could play with the starters until Lonzo Ball gets back. Maybe.

But once Ball is back with the starters, there is no reason Thomas should expect to start. None whatsoever. He is a defensive liability and hasn’t been league average offensively. Maybe that’s due to health, but that doesn’t change the reality as it currently stands.

Thomas first enjoyed success as a scorer off the bench. He’s also a few short steps away from being out of the league if things don’t turn around on the court. He’s also created locker room issues in three of the four organizations he’s played for.

Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka made this move for financial flexibility. Thomas not understanding that will almost definitely result in his being waived. Luke Walton has the front office and ownership’s backing. As soon as Thomas becomes a headache, he should be shown the door.

Author: Anthony F. Irwin

The old guy.

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