Report: Players hesitant to join Lakers due to LaVar Ball

For better or for worse, LaVar Ball finds himself front and center in the NBA news cycle. His recent comments about Luke Walton has made him a common enemy for many, including NBA head coach Rick Carlisle and various other coaches.

His comments also aren’t landing too well with fellow NBA players either, reportedly.

In a recent Bleacher Report article from Ric Bucher, one Eastern Conference GM talked about how his players felt about Ball.

There are also indications that players around the league have taken note, souring their view of the Lakers as a free-agency destination. One Eastern Conference executive overheard his players saying they had no interest in going to the Lakers “and having some old man criticize us and the team.”

The comment, which should likely be taken with a grain of salt for various reasons, is one that some feared when bringing in Lonzo Ball. Even more, it sounds like LaVar may be starting to ostracize his son inside the Lakers locker room.

While the Lakers front office, coaching staff and players have not turned on their rookie teammate for his father’s indiscretions, a league source said, they are not happy about them.

“They are frustrated that he can’t stand up to his dad, but they really like him,” the source said.

The tone of the article is a very straightforward one in regards to LaVar. Multiple executives from around the league spoke negatively about Lonzo’s father and not only the impact he’s having on Lonzo, but LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball as well.

LaVar’s recent move of having LaMelo and LiAngelo signing with a professional Lithuanian basketball is another decision execs have not looked fondly on.

The Lithuanian experiment hasn’t earned LaVar any admirers in the NBA, either. Two executives spoke from the perspective of being fathers as well as talent evaluators.

“The dad is a clown,” said the Eastern Conference GM. “A full-fledged, certified clown. I feel bad for the kids. You pull your 16-year-old out of high school and you send him to Lithuania? Do you think the kid had a say in that?”

How the Lakers, and Lonzo, handle the LaVar situation is to be determined. The silent stance the Lakers took with the Luke Walton comments is one that wasn’t well-received, but it appears that, for now, that’s how both parties will deal with LaVar.

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