Larry Nance Jr. Fan Club: Dunks on Dunks

The Larry Nance Jr. Fan Club is back. Nance missed all but two games in November, so there was a lack of things to post during that time. However, since his return, he’s continued bringing the same energy he’s been known for since he made his way onto the Lakers.

On December 3, 2017, the Lakers were up against the Houston Rockets. While Nance ended the night with a +/- of -4, he scored a solid 15 points. Two of those points came on a nice, one-handed alley-oop from Brandon Ingram.


About two weeks later, on December 18, against the Warriors, Nance posterized Kevin Durant. Even though the Lakers lost the game by two points, it was an entertaining one to watch. It even earned him the top spot on the top 10 plays on Sportscenter. The dunk was no doubt his best one since his return from breaking his left hand. Plus, what Lakers fan doesn’t want to watch this over and over again?

There’s no doubt that the dunking gene runs in the Nance family. Larry Nance Sr. was known for the same type of energy and dunks in his days of playing in the NBA. Nance Sr. played for the Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers over his 13 seasons. If Nance Jr. has the same lengthy career in the NBA, there are certainly going to be plenty more dunks to come. Back in 2016, ESPN put together a “Like Father Like Son” video, which perfectly displays just how similar the two players and their dunking abilities are.

Barring any more injuries, I’ll be back with these posts more regularly throughout the rest of the season. Surely there will be plenty more dunks to showcase before the season is over. Maybe we’ll even see Nance go out for the dunk contest when All-Star Weekend hits L.A. this February.

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