VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s ‘Dear Basketball’ hits all the right notes

One does not reach the levels of success in anything Kobe Bryant did in basketball without a deep emotional connection to the task at hand. In his animated short film, he documents how his love for the game helped launch a career that will undoubtedly end in the Hall of Fame.

John Williams’ original score for the short film was as perfect as you’d imagine, by the way. That Bryant was able to convince him to pay such a large role for his movie speaks to how his career’s impact stretched far beyond basketball.

Throughout the entire film, the viewer gets a crystal clear understanding of how Kobe drew from the past to improve his own game, a theme he repeatedly brought up when asked about the inspiration for his game.

Here’s the video, via Bryant, himself.

As you’ve seen hundreds of time over social media, Bryant will have two jerseys in the rafters of Staples Center tonight. The Lakers do these moments incredibly well, so it should be a memorable night.



Author: Anthony F. Irwin

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