3 Things: Lakers come back from 19-point deficit to beat Bulls 104-93

The Lakers squared off against one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference and found themselves in a 19 point deficit. The Bulls, who are winless against teams in the West saw that continue as the Lakers were able to use a second-half comeback that saw them victorious. Let’s take a look at what happened!


Yeah he’s not the second overall pick and his dad isn’t feuding with the president, and he’s not placed with an insane expectati- you get my point. Kyle started off 4-4 with 10 points right out the gate en route to 22 points. He’s the team’s leading scorer and provided necessary scoring for the Lakers when they couldn’t hit anything. Julius Randle once again proved why (in my opinion) he’s been one of the Lakers’ best players. Although he “only” had 10 points and 10 rebounds, his defense was a big part of the comeback. Really love what the two have brought to the team and hope it continues tomorrow against the Kings.


Yeah, you know me! KCP was a big catalyst for the Lakers as his scoring was a big part of how the Lakers were able to come back from the deficit. Cleaning up Lopez’s missed shot tied the game, and his three-point shooting helped clinch the victory. All in all, Kentavious finished with 21 points and a team-high +23. He contributed 3 steals as well! As erratic as he can be, KCP’s been pretty fun to watch especially when he can shoot threes like Klay Thompson in crunch time.


The Lakers don’t quit. Every game except for the Clippers game at the start of the season (except kind of maybe against the Suns last week?). I can copy and paste this into every recap this season. To come back from 19 points down is pretty remarkable (I know the Bulls are terrible, but that’s still a huge deficit). The test is to see if they can replicate this sort of “never say die” attitude for the next month when they face the Warriors, Rockets, and T-Wolves multiple times as well as the Cavaliers. They won’t win a lot of games, but if they can compete, that would be great to see from a young team.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you for the Kings game tomorrow.

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