Mailbag Monday: Halloween Edition

IT’s Monday and that means it’s Mailbag Monday time here at Lakers Outsiders. We received a bunch of great questions this week so let’s dive right in. Don’t forget that you can always send us questions on our Twitter account at @lakersoutsiders, on our Facebook page, or by e-mailing us at Let’s get it.

First, let’s get these questions by a couple of bozos out of the way.

All of them, especially Grayson Allen. *shudders*

EDITOR’S NOTE: Honi has since been fired for this answer. 

Really mad but not as mad as that time Blair Walsh missed wide left.

Onto the Lakers talk!

I would be very cautious about sending out more young talent prematurely after what the Lakers did this offseason. I’ve been on the record as hating the trade that moved D’Angelo Russell in a salary dump and won’t change my mind anytime soon.

That said, Larry Nance, Jr. and Jordan Clarkson are not the same level of prospects that Russell was and in Clarkson’s case, his salary has to be moved to make room for the two superstars that the Lakers think they can get to sign this summer. I would hold out on trading these guys so early because the Lakers should be trying to build trade value for them and finding desperate teams that will take on salary for any sort of talent. Don’t forget that they need to figure out a solution for Luol Deng’s contract, as well, and having assets around can’t hurt in potentially finding a taker.

I’d want a shooter who can also play backup point guard because that’s the biggest position of need by far. Let’s get Jose Calderon back! The Lakers will have more options in December and January when recently signed players become eligible to be traded again. Keep an eye out on the Pacers with Darren Collison and Bojan Bogdanovic. Both have big enough deals for the Pacers to absorb contracts but both have partially guaranteed contracts next year. I hope this isn’t tampering.

Lonzo Ball, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Brandon Ingram, and Brook Lopez are locks in the starting lineup for now. I would have started Julius Randle over Nance yesterday and still think that’s clearly the right decision.

First three in are probably Clarkson, Nance, and Kyle Kuzma but there would have to be some staggering going on, especially in the frontcourt.

Let’s get sad for a minute.

So any combination of these things can happen. The Lakers can’t find a taker for Luol Deng and Jordan Clarkson’s respective contracts so they panic, stretch Clarkson and trade Ingram to get rid of Deng’s contract. Some young, bad team throws a ton of money to Randle in restricted free agency and because the Lakers are trying to maximize cap space and don’t have enough time as they wait on LeBron James’ decision, they lose the power forward for nothing. The Lakers miss out on LeBron. They miss out on Paul George. They miss out on DeMarcus Cousins. Finally, they give all their remaining money to re-sign Brook Lopez.

Now onto something far less scary, the Halloween-themed questions:

You can always count on the talented and handsome young journalists out there to come up with the best questions.

Ingram is definitely going as Slenderman. Randle is the Hulk on a diet which makes him particularly more prone to being angry. Brook Lopez is dressed as the scariest thing he can think of: Nance posterizing people. Kuzma is dressed as a ghost to keep the lightskin connection with Lonzo going. Nance and Ivica Zubac are Mrs. Pamela Voorhees and Jason, respectively.

Lonzo is Dimewise. It’s Pennywise but Dime because he dishes out a lot of…you know what, never mind.

Candy corn. Don’t @ me.

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