Roy Hibbert won’t stop asking Kobe Bryant for investment advice

Since retiring from the NBA, Kobe Bryant has been mostly quiet on basketball issues. Instead, the Los Angeles Lakers legend has been focusing on his business ventures, from an Oscar-eligible short film to creating an all-encompassing business and brand.

Part of Kobe’s new business ventures is designed to help athletes manage their money smartly. In an interview with Complex, Bryant spoke about the reasoning behind his new venture and mentioned that he has been giving advice to former teammates and one in particular:

And do your old teammates still come to you for said advice?
They do. They do a lot. And most of the messages I get are, “We know you’re doing the investment thing. We know how obsessive you are. So we trust the fact that we give you our money and you’ll get us a really good return [laughs]. Cause we know you’re not going to do something really foolish.

Who’s been investing with you?
Roy Hibbert’s pretty much been calling me every single day being, “Dude, let me just cut you a check. Anything. Let me just give you something because I know you’re going to take good care of it.” He’s been the one that’s been the most persistent.

This isn’t the first we have heard of Kobe and Hibbert’s apparent friendship in recent weeks. Hibbert recently told The Ringer about Bryant correctly predicting the 2016 Presidential Election months in advance.

Is this the next great Kobe bromance? Kobe and Shaq. Kobe and Lamar. Kobe and Pau.

Kobe and Roy Hibbert?

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