WATCH: Magic Johnson jokes about LeBron James with David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez

Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers have already been at the center of one tampering investigation this year as they were fined $500,000 following a grievance filed by the Indiana Pacers.

On Wednesday, Magic tip-toed the line of another fine.

Magic appeared on the pre-game show for the World Series, where his Los Angeles Dodgers are meeting the Houston Astros. Former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz asked Magic what it would take to get LeBron James while also offering to ‘pay the fine.’

To Magic’s credit, he avoided the subject as best he could, laughing along after dancing in and out of trouble.

Magic has had his history with potential tampering violations. Even prior to being fined, his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel raised suspicions and nearly drew a fine itself.

Still, it’s easy to see what makes Magic, well, Magic. He’s the life of the party and his friendly nature endears himself to anyone. Seriously, try watching that clip without smiling.

It will be all the funnier, too, when LeBron is a Laker this time next year.


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