Lakers News: Kobe Bryant talks Lonzo Ball, Big Baller Brand shoes

Former Laker superstar Kobe Bryant has enjoyed his post-retirement life relatively out of the headlines and away from the spotlight. However, as he’s begun promoting his newest project, Dear Basketball, he’s stepped back into the eye of the media and, thus, has shared his thoughts on various subjects.

In a recent interview with NBC Sports’ Eric Chemi, Bryant dished his thoughts on Big Baller Brand and current Laker superstar Lonzo Ball.

“I’m all for doing thing differently,” Bryant said. “I just think you have to obsess over every single detail about that product…Before getting into the marketing and the storytelling of it all, you have to get the product right.”

Bryant is known for having been heavily involved with the design and details of his own Nike shoes.

“That’s how you challenge the big guys, with innovation and high-quality product, he said. “Then you give yourself a serious fighting chance.”

Ball and his father, LaVar Ball, have drawn the attention and ire of fans across the country in the weeks, months and even year leading up to his selection by the Los Angeles Lakers in last June’s NBA Draft.

Big Baller Brand has become a known entity around the country by basketball fans and non-fans alike thanks to LaVar’s marketing tactics, which appear to not only be working but also have the approval of Bryant.

The non-traditional methods of BBB have grabbed headlines and the attention of everyone for better or worse. And, at least in LaVar’s case, any attention is still good attention for BBB.


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