Lakers News: Lakers to debut Classic Minneapolis uniforms against Wizards

The Los Angeles Lakers revealed their Classic jerseys on Monday afternoon and oh man are they amazing.

The jerseys will be used five times by the Lakers, starting on Wednesday, Oct. 25 against the Washington Wizards. The other dates include Nov. 15 against the 76ers, Dec. 27 against the Memphis Grizzlies, Jan. 3 against the Oklahoma City Thunder and March 7 against the Orlando Magic.

This is the fourth jersey revealed by the Lakers so far in partnership with Nike, who became the official designer of jerseys and apparel for the NBA this season. The team has revealed the Icon, Association and Statement jerseys and are one of eight teams who will have a Classic jersey this season.

The final jersey is expected to be the Hollywood Nights jerseys, which have not been revealed yet.

The Lakers first used the Minneapolis throwbacks in April of 2002 when honoring the titles and Hall of Famers from the team’s time in Minnesota. Since then, the jerseys have hardly been seen despite demand from fans to bring them back.


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