Kobe Bryant, Lakers players react to Gordon Hayward’s injury

On opening night on Tuesday, Celtics forward Gordon Hayward suffered a catastrophic injury that rocked the NBA world just minutes into his debut with the Boston Celtics.

The response across the league was instantaneous and overwhelmingly positive as players across the league, Lakers included, offered support for Hayward.

One of the strongest responses across the league, though, came from Kobe Bryant on Instagram on Wednesday morning.

Bryant and Hayward have a history together as the two worked out together two summers ago. Even more, Bryant has his history with season-ending injuries, including the torn Achilles that started the downturn of his career.

Seeing the NBA community band together around a player and a situation like that of Hayward’s is great to see. The response was instantaneous and spoke volumes not only how much respect a player like Hayward has earned, but how much of a brotherhood the league is.

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