Roy Hibbert: Kobe Bryant predicted Donald Trump’s presidential victory

The NBA season is tipping off this week and in anticipation of it, The Ringer had an “NBA Preview Palooza” in which they talked to a number of NBA guests about the upcoming season. One of the guests was former Lakers center, Roy Hibbert.

Hosts Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald, of The Watch on The Ringer, were talking with Hibbert about his time as a Laker and his former teammate Kobe Bryant. Hibbert recalls conversations on team flights that he would have with Bryant that mainly revolved around politics and business ideas. Hibbert went on to say that Bryant predicted that Donald Trump would end up winning the presidency over Hillary Clinton and which states would be important for both candidates. These conversations were taking place in the summer of 2016 so Hibbert was not convinced, he thought all along that Clinton would be the victor.

As we all know by now, Kobe was right.

Hibbert then goes to say that on the night of the election, once the outcome was decided (around 3 A.M.), Kobe was awake and sent just one text to Hibbert that said, “I told you so.”

This definitely is a classic Kobe line. Throughout his career, we all saw a fierce competitor and someone that thrived on proving people wrong and that feeling apparently has not faded.


Author: Dillon Hiser


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