Jordan Clarkson: “I can win Sixth Man”

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Lou Williams, the former Laker guard and mystical foul-drawing wizard, was in the running for Sixth Man of the Year last year even though the Lakers were horrible. This year, his former teammate and current Lakers backup guard Jordan Clarkson wants to do the same.

“To be honest with you, all that kind of comes with winning and with me playing at a high level. I don’t feel like it’s impossible to do. I can win Sixth Man.”

Clarkson said this to Fansided at a recent event in Los Angeles, but the concept of Clarkson being the Sixth Man of the Year goes back to August when Magic Johnson showed up at Jordan’s JC6 camp.

Magic Johnson clearly has high hopes for the fourth-year guard, but he isn’t the only Laker that believes in Jordan. Julius Randle also had some comments on Jordan’s Sixth Man of the Year prospects.

“I definitely think [Clarkson] has the chance to win. Like anything else, he’s going to be in the position to do that. We just have to win games to really help his case.”

Randle continued his comment to Fansided by talking about how the bench really helped the Lakers in games last year.

“Last season we relied on [our bench] a lot to keep us in games. There were times, our starting unit didn’t get off to a great start or whatever it may be. But we knew that our bench was coming in and they would be firing and picking up the pace.”

With the Lakers expected to not make the playoffs, it will be an uphill battle for Clarkson to prove his worth to voters. However, it seems that Jordan is committed to the grind and will do whatever he can to be a prominent member of the ballot come April.

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