Kobe Bryant to appear in NBA 2K18 as part-time broadcaster

When Kobe Bryant retired from playing professional basketball, a hot topic of debate was predicting his next venture. As an ultra-competitive athlete, it was hard to believe that Bryant would be sitting at home for too long.

Many fans hoped that Bryant would trade in his jersey for a microphone and became a commentator for the game he spent 20 years playing. That did not end up happening but fans will be treated to the Media Mamba all the same, just in a different venue.

Bryant and Garnett, who retired in the same year, both have a reputation as very brutally honest athletes who were not afraid to speak their minds. That’s why fans have been clamoring for both to join the media in some capacity (Garnett already has with his Area 21 segment on TNT’s Inside the NBA).

Bryant will also be featured as a starter on the Lakers’ All-Time team in 2K18.

2K18 is approaching its release date by showing sneak peaks of the gameplay and player ratings. This is just the latest bit of exciting news about the flagship video game series that should add even more unique aspects to the game and make it all the more enjoyable.


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