Los Angeles Lakers’ NBA 2K18 All-Time Roster revealed

With the inclusion of all-time teams in NBA 2K18, the likelihood of the Lakers having a great team was a near foregone conclusion.

NBA 2K18 started by releasing Kobe Bryant’s rating as part of the all-time team on the Black Mamba’s birthday on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the entire team was released and, to no one’s surprise, it’s stacked.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 11.50.45 PM

Seriously, that lineup is stacked. Every starter is 96-rated or above. Five people on the bench are 90-rated or above.

With the line-up not at our disposal, here’s the three line-ups I fully intend on using as soon as the game’s released.

1. Magic/West/Bryant/Baylor/Worthy

Listen, it’s well-known that you can get away with just about any lineup in 2K, so I fully intend on seeing how far I can take that. What if we took the Showtime Lakers, took away the post entirely and told them to just run.

Imagine Kobe Bryant and Elgin Baylor filling the wings for Magic Johnson. Imagine having high-flyers all over the court. Imagine having two different guys who can play either guard spot.

We saw Magic play the post in the Finals. He can defend the center and absolutely demolish them on the offensive end. This team would score at will.

2. Magic/Kobe/Worthy/Pau/Shaq

This line-up has a little bit from every era. The Showtime Lakers are in there, the three-peat Lakers are in there and the Kobe-Pau Lakers are in there. Everything falls into place naturally.

Good luck ever getting a rebound against these Lakers. Shaq was a dominant force already, but giving him one of the best passing big men of all-time makes him even more lethal. We saw his ability to get out and run as well and with Kobe and Worthy on the wings, this team doesn’t have much of a weakness.

3. Kareem/Pau/Chamberlain/Mikan/Shaq

Seriously, the Lakers have had so many amazing big men. I don’t even care if this team would suck. Five seven-footers? It’d be hilarious.



You better believe I’m going to be petty and freeze Byron Scott out of a line-up of players he coached terribly.

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