Report: Lakers still pursuing Rajon Rondo despite signing Caldwell-Pope

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The Los Angeles Lakers finally made a move in free agency by signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to a reported one-year, $18 million deal.

They may not be done.

After meeting with both KCP and Rajon Rondo on Tuesday, it appears as though the Lakers have their sights on signing both guards.


The exception mentioned by Woj would allow the Lakers to go over the salary cap to sign Rondo as a backup point guard, something that is still a need despite shoring up the backcourt with KCP.

It could also lead to other moves by the Lakers, who have reportedly committed 18 million dollars to Caldwell-Pope despite only having about $17.25 million in space. The Lakers are likely planning an additional move to clear space. The interest in Rondo would imply that the move would come by trading a guard, which could signal the end of Jordan Clarkson (and his $12.5M cap hit this season and $25M over the next two years after that) in Los Angeles.

However, nothing is set in stone and the numbers could have been misreported. We will update the developing situations as more details become available.

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  1. I’m hearing the plan if they sign Rondo is to waive Nwaba, and then possibly re-sign him for Vet Minimum? But with Josh Hart, then they have six guards? Can’t see them dumping Clarkson THIS year when his ceiling is still very high and they don’t need the cap space till next year, when they can pick/choose which guys stay or go, etc

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