Los Angeles Lakers to host Josh Jackson for workout

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After much noise surrounding Josh Jackson and the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday, the Lakers themselves announced on Tuesday that Jackson would be in for a private workout.

This news all comes at a time when the Jackson-to-LA rumors seem to be at their peak. Yesterday, Jackson cancelled a workout with the Boston Celtics in a decision that appears to have likely been made with the knowledge of a workout with the Lakers coming today.

Earlier on Monday, Phoenix-area radio host John Gambadoro tweeted that Josh Jackson has been promised to be taken before inferring that the Lakers of Sixers were the likely candidates to have offered one.

The Lakers previously saw Jackson at a workout in Sacramento, but could not control the workout like they will be able to on Tuesday when they have a 1-on-1, closed workout.

This news also furthers the belief that the Lakers may be genuinely split between Lonzo Ball and Jackson with the second pick, something Chad Ford suggested could be the last week.

“I also think it reflects a genuine split within the organization about whom the best long-term candidate is. Ball was a clear favorite of the prior administration run by Mitch Kupchak and still has his fans within the organization. But the Lakers also took note on how Fox outplayed Ball in their head-to-head matchup in March. And Jackson has always been another favorite in the organization.

While the feeling is that Ball is a good fit with the Lakers offensively, Fox and Jackson are gritty defenders and vocal leaders on the court, something the Lakers feel the team is lacking. Jackson, in particular, seems to have some strong supporters in the organization who think defense should be the priority.

I still think they lean toward Ball, but I’d put the odds somewhere like this: Ball 40 percent, Jackson 35 percent, Fox 25 percent.”

With the draft now less than 10 days away, it appears the Lakers are nowhere near settled on whom they will pick, which should set up for an exciting final week leading up to the Draft.

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