Watch: Julius Randle stars in commercial for rocking chairs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Julius Randle had a very promising season last year, cementing his place among the Los Angeles Lakers’ young core. The power forward showed growth as a shooter and playmaker, becoming a more efficient and under control player.

Randle’s improved play has paid dividends off the court, as well, with the 22-year-old seeing himself in several big name commercials.

None of those commercials were as important as the latest in which Randle starred, however. In a spoof of old-school ads starring former NBA stars for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Randle advertised a local rocking chair store in Los Angeles.


Randle showed his comedic chops in the commercial and the new father had plenty of dad jokes to grace us with.

Julius has been rocking the Lakers’ world of late so this was a perfect opportunity for him. With Yi Jianlian no longer on the roster, Randle is officially the Chairman of the team.

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