NBA Trade Rumors: Indiana Pacers not interested in dealing Paul George?

The summer of Paul George has not yet started in the NBA and it may already be over.

Many expect the ensuing months around the NBA (once the Finals end) to be dominated by Indiana Pacer and George rumors regarding a possible impending trade with the Los Angeles Lakers seen as one of the favorites to land him.

However, in the words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friend.

In recent days, various notable reporters have said the Pacers aren’t interested in taking calls on George just yet, starting with Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report.

The rumor picked up more steam on the most-recent episode of The Lowe Post with Zach Lowe and guests Ramona Shelburne and Brian Windhorst.

While discussing the Cleveland Cavaliers, Windhorst offered up and then shot down a potential trade rumor.

“People are going to say ‘well you got to trade Kevin Love for Paul George.’ The problem is I don’t think, at least to my information, that the Pacers are interested in trading Paul George. At least not right now.”

Lowe immediately offered his insight, which mirrored that of Windhorst’s.

“I heard the same thing this week from someone who would know, and it sort of surprised me because I think we all assumed when Larry [Bird] stepped down and [Kevin Pritchard] stepped in, and the writing is on the wall for what’s going to happen there. The most recent thing I’ve heard is they’re going to try and regroup and get a couple better players to put around him and make a run at keeping him,”

Shelburne capped off the interaction by reaffirming the notion that the Pacers aren’t interested in moving George.

Without diving into the optics of a Love-for-George trade and whether it makes sense, the fact it’s been so quickly shot down by three of the most prominent national NBA writers certainly means something.

With the NBA Draft quickly closing in, rumors will likely heat up regarding George, specifically from Los Angeles and Boston. However, if the team is interested in acquiring talent, the talks might shift to what the Pacers might do with their own draft pick and whom they may trade for.

Luke Walton’s recent comments about his desire to not trade for a superstar also could weigh heavily on the Lakers’ minds when discussing a potential George trade, especially considering his reported desire to come to L.A. in free agency next year.

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