VIDEO: Paul George talks Lakers rumors, plans to work out with Kobe

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Prepare yourselves. The Paul George-to-Los Angeles rumors aren’t going away anytime soon.

The current Indiana Pacer forward stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show on Monday where he was inevitably asked about joining the Lakers. His answer is not going to go far in stopping the talks.

When asked about whether he Magic Johnson’s comments regarding George last month on Jimmy Kimmel had any effect on him, George had this to say:

PG: I love Magic. I love Magic. Great dude.

JK: Good, you’re going to be working for him

PG: I’m going to always get those ties. I’m an LA kid. Actually, in my home, Kobe is is like the biggest person in my house. Not even.

Kimmel then asked George about having talked to Kobe regarding the Lakers:

PG: Not yet. I plan on working out with him. Pick his brain a little.

JK: Have you worked out with him before?

PG: Nah. Not yet.

Lastly, and maybe the most interesting part of the interview, came at the end. Kimmel jokingly suggested George play for both the Lakers and Pacers, to which George started to say “That would be…” then caught himself before laughing and saying “That would be hard.”

Maybe it’s looking too much into a small thing, but given the circumstances, it’s hard not to look at this interview and come away optimistic about George potentially landing in Los Angeles.

We heard plenty around the trade deadline about George’s interest in L.A.Report: Lakers in the process of trying to acquire Paul George with the infamous term “hell-bent” being thrown around with regards to George’s desire to be in purple and gold.

Still, the Lakers were reportedly advised not to move any young pieces for George and the Lakers appear to be listening as Magic Johnson re-iterated recently that the team is focused on maintaining cap space for 2018 when George will hit the open market.

Pair all of that with Monday’s interview where George did little to deflect the rumors and it certainly seems like the Lakers are in store for one long summer.