Rob Pelinka preaches adding more talent and quality players for the Lakers

The Rob Pelinka era started yesterday. The Lakers introduced their new general manager on Friday. Pelinka, who was known to be an astute and masterful negotiator as a sports agent will take on the daunting task to help the Lakers succeed. He already has the support of many NBA players, including Kobe Bryant.

During his introductory press conference, Pelinka stresses his vision to see the Lakers get back to a championship level of play. When asked to analyze the Lakers’ young core, Pelinka notes the talent that the Lakers have:

Pelinka continued by saying that although the Lakers have talented pieces here and there, they would need quality players if they want to compete at a championship level.

Pelinka understands free agency as well as anyone. If the Lakers want to attract quality players, they hope to use Pelinka’s resume as an experienced sports agent to lure them to Los Angeles. Pelinka’s close relationship with players around the NBA offers the Lakers an interesting dynamic when it comes recruiting.

Not only does Pelinka understands what players want, but he also views the Lakers’ history and status as an advantage.

The Lakers have underperformed in free agency for a while now; hopefully, Pelinka’s vision to attracting top players to L.A. will come to fruition in the near future.


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  1. The NBA should put together an ongoing program to educate today’s young fans about the great players prior to the Showtime era. In the process they would shine more glory on the Laker past. Elgin Baylor (MJ before MJ: 27.PPG, 4 Ast, 13.5 Boards), Jerry West (27, 6, 7), Wilt (18,4,19), George Mikan (23, 3,13), justw to name a few.

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