Sources: Lakers trade Marcelo Huertas for Tyler Ennis

Goodbye, sweet Catalyst.

This is the end of an era. The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski has traded Marcelo Huertas for Rockets guard Tyler Ennis.

The Rockets made a move to get Lou Williams in exchange for Corey Brewer and a first-round pick, now they are going for the Steph Curry stopper. Obviously for the possible matchup against the Warriors in the playoffs.

Huertas has had a hard time getting off of the bench this season and hasn’t been of much value in the short time he’s seen the court. Huertas is a one-dimensional player, being that his court vision is one of the only redeemable qualities in his game.

Magic Johnson has made two moves in his short time with the team, not wasting any time to shuffle around players. Johnson’s name alone has generated interest from the Pacer’s Paul George. Now that the deadline has passed, Magic will shift his focus onto analyzing the players on the roster and the NBA draft.

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