Report: Bulls have told teams they have no plans to trade Jimmy Butler

When rumors surface from an unfamiliar source, especially a former pro-wrestling general manager, odds are they aren’t going to hold much weight. In a specific case of a rumor involving Jimmy Butler being traded to the Lakers, the above sentiment holds true. The Bulls are not looking to trade Butler.

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bulls have no plans to trade their superstar, not to the Lakers, Celtics, or any other team whom may be interested. A trade seemed unlikely at any point, but as Johnson said in a series of tweets, it only takes one godfather offer to change the course of trade talks.

The best advice is to take rumors with a grain of salt and be weary of the validity of the person or site reporting such rumors. As always, watch out for fake accounts. Remember, everybody has “sources” at this time of year. That source may be a voice inside their head making stuff up, or somebody who has actual credentials that tweeted the news two minutes earlier.

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