Jeanie Buss: “I’m going to make some changes”

The current state of the Los Angeles Lakers is a dire one, given the historical dominance the franchise has often been accustomed to.

In the midst of arguably the worst three-year stretch in franchise history, the Lakers are looking at an 18-36 record and their fourth-straight year of missing the playoffs.

With a front office in well-documented turmoil, Jeanie Buss made the first big, seemingly pre-emptive move in bringing on Magic Johnson. The move came a handful of weeks after Buss and Magic sat down for dinner and discussed everything Lakers.

On Monday, Magic revealed some details from the meeting, including some strong statements from Buss.

There’s certainly some power to the statement “I’m going to make some changes”from Buss given both her power within the franchise and the relationship with her brother and current Vice President of Basketball Operations, Jim Buss.

Are the changes simply bringing in Magic? With Jim Buss’ self-imposed timeline nearing it’s expiration, will he be next on the chopping block?

The Lakers certainly are in a precarious situation that the franchise has never been in, stuck in a skid of subpar performances with free agents no longer interested in the mystique of the Lakers.

Given the volatile relationship between Jim and Jeanie Buss, it would be a surprise to few if the former was removed from his position at season’s end, but is Magic the guy to take his spot, even if he feels he is?

The questions will continue to abound with the season coming to an end and decisions needing to be made about the future of the Lakers.

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