Byron Scott, who once joked about Kristaps Porzingis’ readiness, now thinks the Lakers missed out on him

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When Lakers fans aren’t defending the honor of Kobe Bryant or Brandon Ingram’s non-statistical impact, they’re left arguing about D’Angelo Russell.

Recently, Kevin Ding’s article on the Lakers passing on Kristaps Porzingis stirred up controversy once again.

On Wednesday, Byron Scott appeared on L.A. Today where he talked on a myriad of things, including the Draft Lottery and passing on Kristaps Porzingis.

“It’s a crapshoot. It really is. Three teams, including us, last year passed on Porzingis and look at him. It’s a crapshoot. You never know. The number three pick (this year), Okafor, you really don’t even hear about him anymore. You don’t know if he’s reached his ceiling. You don’t know what they’re thinking about in Philadelphia. They could thinking about packaging him on a deal because it hasn’t worked.

You just never know. The only one that’s really, really worked out…(from the draft) two years ago was (Karl-Anthony) Towns and we all felt he was going to be stud and he’s turned to be just that. Everybody else was a crapshoot and I think you see that from one to fourteen in the lottery, nobody’s set the league on fire. The only one that’s done an unbelievable job is Towns.”

The comments about Porzingis are especially confounding considering recent comments in Ding’s article about Scott’s thoughts on Porzingis after a private workout before the draft.

Then-Lakers head coach Byron Scott, whose outdated mindsets have been well documented, even joked with Lakers staffers after watching Porzingis wilt with exhaustion that Scott had better get a contract extension if the club decided to draft Porzingis and wait for him to grow up.

Shockingly, Byron Scott remains hypocritical and bad. While his comments on the draft lottery aren’t entirely misguided, his mindset remains toxic.

In other words, praise based Luke Walton.

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