Recap: Lakers drop third straight in loss to Magic

The Los Angeles Lakers dropped arguably their worst loss of the season against the Orlando Magic on Friday. They never led and were down by 23 points at one point, eventually falling 109-90.

Honestly, the game was so brutal (the Magic had NINE blocks in the FIRST quarter) that I don’t really want to write a recap. So instead, I’m turning this into a mailbag about the game, the team, and babies.

Let’s go.

Good start, Brad, my dear Kings’ fan friend.

You see, when a man and a woman love each other very much…

Something like that.

Look, I get the frustrations with Clarkson. His defense has regressed greatly and he hasn’t been making plays for his teammates. In a lot of ways, he looks like last year’s Randle. He has one great skill (scoring the ball) but doesn’t do a whole lot else.

That said, he’s pretty great at that scoring thing given his age and experience level. We’ve seen flashes of that passing ability before, at least. And he was legitimately decent on defense early on this year.

Clarkson is on a really good contract and has a role on this team at least as a bench scorer moving forward. Unless a really good deal comes along, he’s here to stay. For now, we should exercise the same amount of patience with him as we do with all the other young players.

I’m not super impressed with Mozgov but there’s not a great alternative to start for him. Starting Tarik Black or Larry Nance, Jr. once they’re back from injuries gives you defense and rebounding issues.

Mozgov isn’t playing a ton of minutes and when he plays, he’s not necessarily a liability even when he doesn’t do much. I don’t think benching him fixes anything.


I agree!

I think tonight’s loss was the worst of the year from start to finish, but there’s plenty of positives this year.

D’Angelo Russell might not have the volume of stats, but he’s been a legitimately great scorer this year and often shows his killer passing ability. Brandon Ingram hasn’t shot the ball well but he’s exceeded all expectations as a defender and playmaker. And Zubac is on his way to be the greatest of all time.

I actually kind of like Payton’s ridiculous hair even if I Can’t Feel My Face when I see it. Plus, did you see what Meyers Leonard looked like earlier this year?

Those six points and one assist tonight was the sole reason the Magic won!

There’s no way true point guard Marcelo Huertas loses to Chris Paul.

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