Recap: Lakers fall to the Bulls in a 118-110 loss

The Lakers were coming off a tough loss to the Spurs and were looking to rebound against a D-Wade less Chicago Bulls team.

The offense was working for the Lakers early with Lou Williams leading the Lakers as a scoring machine. Using that, the Lakers took a lead for almost half of the game.

Alas, the offense wasn’t the reason they lost as their defense was suspect tonight leading to 118-110 loss against the Bulls

Lou Williams is very good

Lou Williams has been arguably the best Laker this season and easily the best bench player so far. He’s a big reason why the Lakers have the highest scoring bench and has been a scoring machine with the second unit.

He showed off his scoring skills tonight with 25 points and at one point had 14 points in three minutes. He was a big reason why the Lakers came close to the Bulls.

Larry Nance Jr is back

Larry Nance, Jr. has had a lackluster season but that hasn’t necessarily been his fault. He missed a few games after suffering from a concussion in early November, and hasn’t looked good since.

Tonight was different as he played exactly how Lakers fans imagined he would this season. He looked like he was in summer league, playing all over the court and providing defense against guards and big men alike. He scored a career high 18 points to go with 6 rebounds and 3 assists. This is the type of  player that many hope Nance to become, and here’s to hoping he continues playing like this.

But seriously, Get Larry to the Dunk contest. He dunked so much that I couldn’t count how many dunks he had on one hand.

D’Angelo is vital to the Lakers

It’s quite obvious that the Lakers play better with D’Angelo Russell on the court and tonight was a good example. He shot only 30%  and only played 22 minutes but was still extremely important to the Lakers. He is the true Lakers’ catalyst (Sorry Marcelo). (Editor’s Note: Don’t worry. We’ve already fired Drew for this irresponsible statement.)

He was coming off a knee injury so many didn’t expect him to score a lot and he didn’t. He had only eight points on 11 shots and was cold for most of the game, but that didn’t stop him from dishing out 7 assists. He makes the Lakers better, and without him the scoreboard would look a lot different.

Fan takeaways

Their offense looked locked in but their defense was definitely not. They looked chaotic out there.

I wouldn’t call it “Hero Ball” But when your top guards are not scoring the Lakers will have a hard time winning.

It was definitely a frustrating game for fans to watch. The offense was good but they didn’t look consistent.

They had six fewer turnovers than the Bulls, but the ones they had hurt them. They turned the ball over a couple times in crucial situations to end the game.

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