Recap: Lakers defeat Nets behind Randle’s triple-double, Russell’s 32 points

The Lakers had their worst game of the season Sunday night getting blown out by the Minnesota Timberwolves, so Tuesday’s game would be a good indicator of how the young squad bounces back.

Despite the bench outscoring the starters in Sunday’s loss, the starters were the ones with a great game, leading the Lakers to a 125-118 win.

Julius Randle is on 🔥 and D’Angelo Russell has❄️ in his veins.

D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle are arguably the best players on the team at the moment and they both showed it in tonight’s win.

Randle has progressed a lot over the offseason and seems to be improving in the middle of the season as well. He started off the year great but he’s gotten better with each game. He’s scoring with more grace and precision and he’s passing the ball with much better success. Tonight was no exception as he had a triple double with a line of 17/14/10, which is ridiculous for a power forward.

Not many people can take the spotlight from a guy with a triple double but D’Angelo Russell might have done that tonight. He hasn’t had a breakout game yet this season, but today was the day for that game. He started off the game with 5 straight threes and 17 points in the first quarter. He finished the night with a stat line of 32/8/4/3 and was instrumental in the win.

Mozgov may be worth the max

I’m kidding (I think?), but Mozgov has played well for the majority of the season minus a game or two when he was in foul trouble. He has provided much needed rim protection and doesn’t fall down a lot (Word to Roy Hibbert). But the one thing he hasn’t done is score a lot as he’s averaging a little under eight points a game. But tonight was different. He scored 20 points and racked up 6 rebounds and was a very good low post player.

The Lakers are getting better

Last year’s Lakers probably don’t win tonight’s game. They were up at one point and gave up a lead and that might have doomed them last season. But with Luke Walton at the helm, the Lakers didn’t give up and took a big lead for the rest of the game. They’ve been an up and down team in terms of wins this year, but they look extremely better than last year. The Nets may not be a great team but as many have said they’re “pesky” and pesky teams last year would have beat the Lakers. Now? Now they just swat them down.

Fan takeaways

They did give up a lot of buckets in the post. Mozgov and Randle need to fix that.

Unlike previous games the starters were the ones carrying the team with two star performances from D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle.


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